Oat Services Brands


Oat Services Ltd. was founded in 1993 to commercialize Cark Maunsell’s expert knowledge of the oat crop. Consulting for both commercial and research interests, Oat Services Ltd. started to build up continuing relationships working in the interface between industry and academic research.

Oat Services Ltd. worked as a trading partner and consulted for a number of government agencies, exploring the development of the oat crop through different technologies and industries.


Through our Oat Cosmetics brand, we have developed a range of oat derived ingredients for the beauty and personal care market. These ingredients are currently sold globally through a network of worldwide distributors and can be found in a great number of consumer products.


The industrial side of Oat Services specialises in the development of oat derived ingredients for applications within large-scale manufacturing applications and projects.

Advanced Food Products

Oats contain a number of unique molecules and fractions which Oat Services has managed to extract for use in advanced food ingredients for both humans and animals. Our advanced and patented manufacturing techniques improve oat ingredients in terms of taste and shelf life, whilst our knowledge of oat varieties enables us to source oats with improved characteristics depending on end use.