Oat Services Values


Research and development is the core focus of our company. This is demonstrated by our current application for a European and US patent describing the processing and cosmetic applications of wholegrain oat flours. We are currently researching a number of advanced active molecules from oats with a wide range of activity to expand our portfolio of ingredients.


We have developed a range of ingredients which offer advantages to both formulators and the consumer, each supported by scientific evidence. When supporting Oat Cosmetics, we offer to the formulator the benefit of consistently high quality ingredients which are easy to incorporate; whilst the consumer benefits from products containing active molecules with proven efficacy on their skin and hair. We have a number of oat-based ingredients available and offer carefully developed grades in each ingredient range. Each grade’s use is determined by the customer’s application.


We take a green approach to produce natural & organic, traceable ingredients which are supported by research and innovation. We underpin our ingredients with scientific evidence and proof of origin, as well as independent accreditation, where it is available. We work closely with our customers and suppliers and consider them as our knowledge partners, in developing transparent and short-chain supply logistics for our ingredients.


We understand how our suppliers work, what our customer’s needs are and how we can best serve them long-term. In doing
this, we recognise the need to have strong relationships with our manufacturers and this forms the cornerstone to our strategy.

Our global network of distributors is key to our success and is essential in providing consistently excellent customer service wherever you are based. Our distribution partners are carefully selected to ensure the standards of service, the technical ability and the responsiveness reflect those of our own. Our ongoing management and training ensure that these standards are maintained.

We are pleased to support AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds as a sponsor of research and development in oats and oat products. AHDB launched a campaign, Whole Grain Goodness, in 2004. This independent, not-for-profit campaign provides information on whole grains, including how they’re beneficial to your health and delicious recipe ideas. This campaign about whole grains aims to increase awareness of the culinary and nutritional benefits of whole grains (e.g. whole wheat and oats) as part of a healthy balanced diet, and to inspire people to eat them every day.


At Oat Services Ltd., we believe in quality in all aspects of our business, from products and supply chains to customer services supported by our employees.
We are therefore pleased to work closely with the University of Southampton, one of the founding members of the prestigious Russell Group, to provide professional development opportunities to high calibre students through their Excel Southampton Placement Programme. This scheme encourages students from the University to seek valuable work experience outside of their term-time studies. Over the years, we have had excellent results with several interns from the programme and in turn we hope they have gained useful business knowledge.

This collaboration gives us the opportunity to support the community by providing learning and training to local students.

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We are certified ISO9001:2015 certificate number GB11/83781. All our ingredients are free from genetically modified organisms and not tested on animals. All our accredited ingredients are approved as natural by ECOCERT.