Oats contain a number of unique molecules and fractions which Oat Services has managed to extract for use in advanced food ingredients for both humans and animals. Our advanced and patented manufacturing techniques improve oat ingredients in terms of taste and shelf life, whilst our knowledge of oat varieties enables us to source oats with improved characteristics depending on end use.

Our work so far has included:

  • Use of oat oil as an emulsifier in chocolate
  • High protein oat development for use in sports nutrition products
  • High beta glucan flours for lowering cholesterol
  • Advanced animal feeds
  • Oat flour structure manipulation to increase water retention and improve shelf life of baked goods
[us_testimonial author=”Chris Green” company=”Director, Green Resources Ltd. ” el_class=”ind_ingr_testimon_com”]Oat Services Ltd. are trailblazers. Their approach to oat research is as refreshing as it is innovative and they continue to pioneer new value added markets for oats[/us_testimonial]

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