ABIPO Project


To improve the utilisation and value of the unique phenolic antioxidants and oil found in UK oats and so provide new, non-food markets for oat growers.

  • Produce existing oat varieties in a way that maximises the biosynthesis of phenolic compounds and minimises the amount of post harvest modification required.
  • Probe a unique oat gene pool to identify oat lines which have the desired characteristics.
  • Study conventional and novel extraction technologies to provide fractions containing specific active compounds.
  • Assess the potential of these fractions for use in a range of personal care products.
  • Deliver commercially viable products through a novel combination of chemistry, biotechnology and process engineering Provide a new market for UK cereal growers.

More Info

Oats are perceived very favourably by the consumer and have an established history of use and known safety in food applications. Previous work on oats has concentrated on the dietary health benefits of the b-glucan fraction of oats; but less is understood, both scientifically and commercially, about the performance of both oat oil and the constituent oat antioxidants in personal care and health products.

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