The Trial

Short Term Trial assessing Oat® COM’s ability to reduce greasiness and impart luxuriant silky feel.

  • 22 subjects
  • Half-face double blind trial with night cream
  • Tested over a period of 5 minutes
  • Comparing a placebo cream (without Oat® COM) and test cream with 3% Oat® COM inclusion
  • Both creams were highly moisturising

More Info

The key observation was the clear perception by the subjects that the test cream was less greasy during application, and this remained noticeable even after full absorption into the skin. This observation provided confirmation that Oat® COM, displays increased ability to bind oil compared to traditional colloidal oatmeal. In applications this ability improves the textural qualities of oil based creams which account for the results obtained as the test cream absorbed faster and felt less greasy on the skin.

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