The industrial side of Oat Services specialises in the development of oat derived ingredients for applications within large-scale manufacturing applications and projects.

Our main area of business within this market is in the production of latex and nitrile gloves. Using our expertise and knowledge of oats, we have developed an advanced glove coating (COATS) which is applied to the inside of the glove during the manufacturing process and helps to prevent common skin complaints associated with the constant changing of gloves and washing of hands.

Key industries:

  • Latex and Nitrile glove coatings
  • Anti-bacterial wipe manufacture
[us_testimonial author=” Athole Marshall” company=” IBERS, University of Aberystwyth” el_class=”ind_ingr_testimon_com”]Oat Services have a unique knowledge of the opportunities for exploiting the characteristics of the oat grain for industrial applications[/us_testimonial]

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