Senior Management

Cark Maunsell

Managing Director

I have over 20 years experience working with the oat crop and I am responsible for the overall corporate strategy and the Research & Development of our ingredient portfolio.

Tim Fielder

Non Executive Chairman

I play an advisory role in the strategic direction of Oat Services Ltd., bringing vast experience in global IT and logistics.

James Daybell

Head of Marketing

I manage all of the marketing and communications activity and ongoing strategy. I also assist with the continual expansion of new ingredients in the R&D team.

Cara Dewis

Head of Product Development

I focus on sourcing, testing and launching new cosmetic ingredients.

Angus Robertson

Head of Sales

I am responsible for providing technical support to our global distributors’ network as well as looking after sales and customer service globally.

Claire Hawkins

Sales and Logistics Administrator

I am responsible for processing orders and providing administration and logistics support.

Victoria Sherwood

Office Manager

I am responsible for Ecocert and ISO 9001 quality systems as well as coordinating logistics and assisting with office administrative support.

Sarah Aslin-Clark

Account Administrator

I am responsible for processing orders and the management of ingredient retains and samples.

Emilie Gombert

Technical Executive

I am responsible for the development, assessment and testing of new cosmetic ingredients and handling regulatory enquiries.

Liz Pezzali

International Business Development Manager

I am responsible for increasing global sales.

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